cropped-12495976_10153949515299273_3407749967962260070_o.jpgGrab your mouse ears and snuggie, because I hope MommyShuffles Blog will be a special treat that touches your heart.

Topics I like to shuffle through on my blog:

  • Authentic Mothering
    I’m a big advocate for #endmommywars. I truly believe as Moms we are in this together. I like encouraging Moms to mother authentically. BE YOURSELF and mother in a way that aligns with WHO YOU ARE.
  • Tap Dance
    I’ve been a tapper since 4-years-old, when my grandmother taught me the “time step” on her kitchen floor in her San Francisco apartment.
    I love sharing the craft of tap dance with others.

  • Millennial Catholics
    I’m pro-life. I love the LGTB community. I’m a feminist. I pray the rosary online. I will Instagram #ashwednesday photos. I will talk about baptism, Angels, Jesus, Mary, priests, nuns and bunch of other Catholic stuff you may or may not agree with. In the spirit of authenticity, I have to speak my truth and I encourage you to do the same in a respectful way.
  • Disney
    I got married in September 2010 to avoid the crowds at Disneyland. I made my husband paint a million clouds in my baby’s nursery to replicate Andy’s room from Toy Story. I’ve choreographed dance routines inspired by Aladdin, Mary Poppins, It’s a Small World and more. I LOVE Disney.