Loving the Photoshopped & Raw Images Mother


One thing I’ve noticed about being a Mom is this constant battle between wanting to share beautifully crafted motherhood imagery on Facebook versus ranting about how you haven’t showered in a few days. My question is, why? Why do we even feel this struggle? Why do we feel the need to choose, especially when motherhood IS BOTH of these things?

I’m still new to this but it appears to me that motherhood is a shit show and a fabulously polished Broadway production. It can be thoughtfully Photoshopped AND lovingly unfiltered.

Motherhood is about knowing absolutely nothing, yet somehow knowing absolutely everything about your child at the same time.

The best part is there is room for all of it – ALL of it. 

So as I type this blog post from my phone, while in bed, with a messy pony tail and smudged make-up leftover from yesterday, I hope you celebrate Mother’s Day your way.

If that’s beautiful Instagram shots of you and your baby at brunch – FABULOUS! If it’s covered in puke and up to your ears in poopie diapers – AMEN sister!

For me, on this first Mother’s Day, I plan to look back at a few of these unglamorous Mommy moments and love them as much as the professionally photographed ones.


Happy Mother’s Day!

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