Mommy & Me Makeup Routine

I’m not a professional make-up artist. I’m not trying to sell you my Mom friends’ products (but feel free to check out their websites if you like). 

I’m simply a new Mom, with a teething baby and 5 minutes to go from lifeless zombie to Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

The days of spending hours getting ready with my girlfriends may be over, but with Baby Trevor in the mix, the FUN is just beginning!

Special Thanks to:
  • Justyn Vanderplas for introducing me to BB Cream
  • Swan Cheng for Trevor’s jingle bells rattle/teether
  • Auntie Christie for all the  Mary Kay products
  • Beth Fisher for my Trader Joe’s chap stick
  • Genna Cav for all the Posh with Genna products
  • Manuela Pauer for Trevor’s lettuce rattle
  • MAC, Sephora, Anastasia cosmetics, Trader Joe’s and Smashbox for making beauty products I genuinely like (and if you ever want to send me samples, I’m your girl!)
  • The Disney Store, Baby Banana, and VTech for making fun and safe baby toys (and if you ever need a toy tester, I’m your girl, my baby would love it!)

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