Wildest Dreams

No one ever tells you that when you become a Mom you will lose some friends, but also discover new ones. You start to notice who is really there for you versus those who “pretend” to be. While some friends choose to distance themselves from your life, you find others who are naturally drawn closer to you and your family.

It’s easy to look at this and think “Oh how sad,” but the reality is, this is a natural part of life. Some people self-select out of your life and that’s okay. Send these people love, want nothing but the best for them and move along. Sometimes true love really is letting go…

…and if it’s meant to be, it will come back around.

This was the case with my first love – tap dance. During my pregnancy, I continued practicing and teaching my craft, thinking “I’ll quit once the baby comes. I’ll stop teaching.” I reasoned, I would need to channel all of my efforts toward raising Baby Trevor and my career to financially provide for him.

But something funny happened once  Baby Trevor was born inspiration.

Not just a good idea or two. A flurry of  new music with baselines that touched my soul. Visions of heartwarming routines based on boomerangs (a tap step) and my baby. Grand costuming, prop work and new rhythms my feet would reveal to me between breastfeeding, diaper changes and sometimes in the shower.



In your wildest dreams.

I could hear my 4-year-old self, laughing at the thought.

As I continue to go through this journey of parenthood, trying to find that balance between “me” and “we,” I started working on a new dance routine. While it’s loosely based on this thought of letting something you love go, I hope it has a childlike quality of inner peace…knowing that what you love will not be gone forever.

Video courtesy of Montage Dance Productions
Want to learn this routine? Join me every
Tuesday, 7:30pm @ Montage Dance Productions

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