My Little "Active Participant"

On this beautiful Easter Sunday, my son woke me up like he usually does, tap dancing on my back and cooing. Not wanting to get up, I realized, “It’s 7:45am. If I just get up, throw on some fresh clothes, we could probably make it to 8:30am mass today.”

Without eating breakfast or checking the diaper bag, we hopped into the car, drove to church and arrived about 5 minutes late. While I judged myself for not thinking everything through, the lovely woman at the front of the church did not judge.  “Happy Easter! Welcome!” she said, escorting us to available seats.

Baby Trevor was extra curious and fussy this morning. He was chomping on two different teethers, kept touching a sweet old lady’s textured sweater next to us, swatting at a man’s arm in front of us and playing peek-a-boo with the people sitting behind us.

As I apologized to others around me, each one replied with such kind words:

“It’s okay, he’s adorable!” 
“Hello baby! What a cutie pie!”
“I have a 7 month old granddaughter at home!”
Then Baby Trevor started LOUD vocalizations – his typical build up to a large wail or cry. I thought to myself “Not so cute anymore right? What is he trying to communicate right now?”

The sweet old lady next to me must have read my thoughts because she said aloud, “He’s singing! He’s singing!”

Her words went straight to my heart. He’s singing. This is exactly what we are supposed to do in church. SING!

You see, in the Catholic Church, all are called to be “active participants” in mass, our faith and daily life etc., Typically,  when in church, this means participating in the liturgy with prayer and singing.

Today, Baby Trevor showed me the fullness of the term “active participant.” He was not only interested in what was going on at mass, but also interested in others around him. His fussiness, forced me to try my best to listen to the Gospel AND be attentive to him. When something intrigued him, he vocalized…LOUDLY. He sang and honestly, I’m proud of him.

Trevor is a great reminder that God doesn’t call us to be passive participants when it comes to our faith. God calls us to love and love takes action.

Today, my son was the active participant.

Happy Easter!
After an hour of being an active participant in mass,
Baby Trevor fell asleep on the car ride home.
Thanks be to God!

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