VIDEO: Non-judgment Gender Reveal

At first glance, it may seem that this gender reveal video reaffirms traditional gender roles and stereotypes. To a certain extent, I’d agree with you, but it doesn’t mean I’m anti-woman, anti-feminist, etc., It doesn’t mean my family and I are not open gender neutrality.

The video simply means what it shows – a family dominated by women, excited to welcome a new little boy into the fold.

In my immediate family, we get one boy, every 14 years. First it was my little brother, followed by my cousin Drew 14 years later, followed by my son, another 14 years later.

The boys in my family have grown up around Barbie dolls, Powerpuff Girls, Spice Girls and pink everything, in the same way us girls have been raised to be Niners Faithful, bleed SF Giants orange and play video games.
My family never labeled it as boy specific stuff, or girl specific stuff…marketers did that.

So why didn’t I film in the Barbie doll section? Well, because I’ve spent enough time in the Barbie aisle already and not nearly as much in the Star Wars aisle.

If we truly want to be a gender neutral society we’ve got to start spending time in the other aisle. 

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