Mary Did You Know? Nope.

Baby Trevor’s First Halloween.

I wonder, did Mary know about the many poopie swaddling cloths from Baby Jesus that she would have to change?

Did Mary know that labor could somehow feel like the worst period cramps of her life, yet empowering at the same time? While there’s debate about Mary feeling pain in labor, personally, I think of course she felt pain. She was human.

When I think about traveling on a plane with my own son, I wonder about Mary traveling by foot with her family. I doubt she gave a damn about others giving her the “stink eye” for traveling with a crying baby. 

In those early days of infant Jesus, I wonder:

  • Did Mary ever feel isolated? 
  • Did she have any help when Joseph was away at work? 
  • Did she worry about picking the perfect godparents for Baby Jesus? 
  • How did Mary survive all the judgement from the community?
Sadly, I also wonder:
When she saw her son on that cross…did know how she would wish it was her instead?

Mary went through damn near everything many new mothers go through, and much more.

So did Mary know fully what she was getting into? No. Nope. I don’t think so.

BUT she trusted her instincts, she trusted God, and she trusted herself. She knew her child is more important than anything of this world and as a mother, I can relate.

God is smart. God knew the importance of mothers back then, as He does now. God believes in women empowerment so much that he wove it into the very fabric of the Catholic faith. He gave us the ultimate Mom – Mary. How do you relate to mama Mary?

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