Trusting Your Instincts & Coconut Oil

As a new Mom, everything is the first time, especially when your baby wakes up crying at 7:00am after you’ve just spent an hour comforting and feeding your little one at earlier at 4:55am. This was the case with little Baby Trevor, who was in some sort of discomfort that cuddling, swaddling, diapering, feeding and those little homeopathic teething pills could not fix.

Thinking “it must be teething” I massaged my baby’s cheeks and jaw. I followed his jawline to behind his ears and noticed this crusty residue. I felt terrible. Worst. Mom. Ever. How could I have missed this during his bath time? But now was no time for judgement because my little man was crying.

Quickly I thought:
Should I use lotion?
No because it might worsen the condition. Should I use a baby wipe?
No, it might sting and not get the job done.
What do I have that I could use?
Coconut oil! That’s it! Natural, won’t worsen it, won’t sting.

I asked my husband to grab coconut oil from the kitchen and a soft baby washcloth. I rubbed coconut oil behind my little baby’s ears and used the washcloth to wipe off the caked on residue which glided off like butter.

The baby stopped crying. Then after some hugs while laying on my chest, he went back to sleep.

Now, there are so many ways to judge me, my husband and Grandma who all missed the the gunk behind Baby Trevor’s ear. But that’s not the point. Save the judgment for Jesus. When I meet him at those pearly white gates at the end of this life, I’m sure he will be merciful regarding this situation. After all Mary was a new Mom too.

The point is, when something doesn’t feel quite right, TRUST your instincts. Trust that little voice inside your heart that says “Coconut oil.” We have enough people in the world telling us since we are “new Moms” and we “don’t know” so trust this product, trust this expert, trust this recent study. What if we started trusting ourselves?

To a certain extent it’s true, we are new Moms and sometimes we don’t know…but sometimes, we DO. When these challenges come up, early in the morning and your exhausted, remember the still small voice. Have a little faith in yourself and those instincts. No matter how the situation turns out, don’t judge yourself. You’re doing the best you can with what you’ve got. Keep loving your babe, let your actions continue to come from a place of love and most importantly, remember to love yourself.

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