YouTube & Netflix Babywearing Fitness

Post workout selfie with Baby Trevor.

I’m not a “gym” person. I am a tap dancer, so naturally when it comes to working out, I go to the place where I am constantly inspired – YouTube! I’ve searched far and wide for babywearing dance class online. I couldn’t find anything I could do in the comfort of my own home, with a limited amount of time to spend on fitness.

Enter, THE FITNESS MARSHALL! The Fitness Marshall is this fabulous cardio dance instructor who has easy-to-follow and repetitive choreography to all of today’s pop hits. He’s super friendly, silly and motivating; just my cup of tea.

After watching a few videos I thought “Hey! I could probably do that with Baby Trevor in the Moby wrap.” I took my Moby wrap, bundled Baby Trevor in it, selected about 6 Fitness Marshall videos on my SmartTV and BOOM – instant babywearing dance fitness class! Of course some the jumping moves, I modified slightly, but for the most part, depending on your comfort level, most moves can be done without modification.

Original pop/hip-hop workouts created by The Fitness Marshall,
Caleb Marshall.

The result: I got a good 20 minute workout with small breaks in between and Baby Trevor feel asleep! In terms of preparation, I wore my pajamas with Minnie Mouse slippers. I also had a cup of Vietnamese coffee mixed with water and milk next to me. (I know, not the best choice, but I needed a little caffeine.)

Too often, with all the things running through my mind as a Mom, I tend to over think exercise. Really, it’s simple. Just do something. Anything. A walk outside. A stroll through the mall. A workout while watching iZombie on Netflix after your baby goes to sleep.

I have to speak my truth; a mother/baby Yoga class or other Moms telling me “you make time to work out” don’t sound appealing to me. Dancing to YouTube videos with baby strapped to my chest or doing 20 lunges every time Liv from iZombie has a vision, sounds way more appealing and time efficient for me. Plus it’s fun! What do you do to add the FUN FACTOR to your fitness routine?

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