My First "Mommy" Lent

“While theologically, it makes no sense to give infants ashes,
I like to do it anyway!” – Father Bob

Today is Ash Wednesday, the official start of the Lenten season in my Catholic faith tradition, and somehow it feels so different this year. I find myself contemplating what does Lent mean to me now that I’m a Mom?  What will I give up? What will I do for Lent?

Being completely authentic about it, I’ve have not always put much thought into what I will or will not do for Lent. I end up randomly picking something at the last minute that I think will be good for me and try my best to execute. What kind of example is that for my son? Could I do better?

This year for Lent, I’ve thought about completely deactivating my Facebook account but,

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then I start looking through Pinterest and see so many other great ideas I’d like to try:

I start feeling overwhelmed. Perhaps I should just keep it simple? For example, this Lent, I will just be with my baby. Fully present. No phone. No Facebook. No TV, when my baby is awake. But somehow this just doesn’t feel like enough…

These were my thoughts before attending Ash Wednesday mass.

Now, after having attended mass, I feel completely different.

I feel like yes I can set a better example for my son. Yes I can go for the gusto and at least try all of these Lenten ideas. God does not expect perfection. God expects effort.

It was Father Bob at mass who inspired me, by giving my baby ashes, which is not customary but some priests do it. He boldly said “While theologically, it makes no sense to give infants ashes, I like to do it anyway!”

In the same spirit, I’m going to try it all – deactivating Facebook, #40days40bags, #40days40notes and being more present with my baby. Heaven help me. While it makes no sense for me to overload myself with Lenten promises, I’m going to just try it anyway.

Could I be making the same mistake of randomly picking something and trying to execute? You bet. But at least this year, it feels thoughtful, authentic and exciting. If I achieve even half of what I set out to do, I know I will be a better person for it and I might be able to touch someone’s heart along the way.

May God Bless you this Lenten season, and if you don’t celebrate Lent, please know I carry you within my heart and send good vibes!

Hugs & Shuffles,

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