Grab & Go Breast Pump Parts Storage

I was basically sick and tired of having millions of breast pump parts all over my little counter top, so I basically decided to do something about it.

While I love Pinterest, I’m not a super crafty Pinterest Mom, so instead of looking for solutions outward, I looked inward at myself. I thought: What will realistically work for me, knowing I’m rushing out of the house at the last minute and I’m a creative perfectionist? (Thank you Alejandra TV for helping me figure out my organization style!)

Thus I present you my little Grab & Go Breast Pump parts storage system in it’s natural habitat.

What I love most about this storage system:
Cheap, $4 plus tax, all materials from Dollar Tree with the exception of my label maker that I already own.

Functional, I just grab what I need, throw it into a ziplock bag and go.

Easy to maintain, whether it’s me, Grandma or Daddy, whoever washes the parts can easily see where to put them back

Room to grow, as Baby Trevor grows, I can easily place longer bottles vertically on the top shelf.

Space saver, the entire system takes up 14 inches of my 72 inch counter top, leaving plenty of room for the bottle rack, wine and chocolate.

Grab & Go Breast Pump Parts Storage in all it’s glory!

Questions? Please feel free to comment below. I’m always happy to help another Mom out!

Hugs & Shuffles,

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