Welcome to MommyShuffles!

I’m Jenny Baran, a first-time mama who loves encouraging Moms to celebrate their uniqueness, while sharing the things I enjoy (tap dance, Jesus, and Disney) along the way. By day, I help families send their kids to Catholic school. By night, I teach adult tap dance classes. I’m happily married to an artist who doesn’t judge me for rocking top knots, big glasses and on occasion, berry colored lipstick on my teeth.

MommyShuffles, is inspired by my favorite tap dance move, the shuffle, where you brush your foot forward, then back while remaining balanced. Thus the topics I like to shuffle through on this blog:

  • Authentic Mothering
    I’m a big advocate for #endmommywars. I truly believe as Moms we are in this together. I like encouraging Moms to mother authentically. BE YOURSELF and mother in a way that aligns with WHO YOU ARE.
  • Tap Dance
    I’ve been a tapper since 4-years-old, when my grandmother taught me how to shuffle on her kitchen floor in her San Francisco apartment.
    I love sharing the craft of tap dance with others.

  • Millennial Catholics
    I’m pro-life. I love the LGTB community. I’m a feminist. I pray the rosary online. I will Instagram #ashwednesday photos. I will talk about baptism, Angels, Jesus, Mary, priests, nuns and bunch of other Catholic stuff you may or may not agree with. In the spirit of authenticity, I have to speak my truth and I encourage you to do the same in a respectful way.

  • Disney
    I got married in September 2010 to avoid the crowds at Disneyland. I made my husband paint a million clouds in my baby’s nursery to replicate Andy’s room from Toy Story. I’ve choreographed dance routines inspired by Aladdin, Mary Poppins, It’s a Small World and more. I LOVE Disney.

Grab your mouse ears and snuggie, because I hope Mommyshuffles will be a special treat that touches your heart. May God bless you and your family. And if you don’t have a religious affiliation, please know I’m always sending you positive vibes!

Hugs & Shuffles,

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