The Cry/Laugh List

Pregnancy hormones! It’s the funniest thing in the world for us to experience right now! I find myself crying hysterically at some pretty stupid stuff, followed by laughter, because I can’t believe I’m crying at completely harmless stuff! My hope is to keep a running list of the things that have made me laugh/cry throughout my pregnancy.

Things I have cried/laughed about:

  • When I ate all the bruschetta and didn’t leave any left over for Tony. I felt really bad.
  • When I watched the movie Madeline and starting crying because I really miss France!
  • This scene from the movie Freaky Friday. I just really thought that Jaime Lee Curtis was such a good mom/daughter.
  • The “Never” State Farm commercial
  • The scene from the movie True Lies where Arnold Schwarzenegger lifts Jamie Lee Curtis before the limousine plummets off the freeway. He looks her dead in the eyes and say “Come on baby!” Her face changes to that of pure determination, grabs his hand and escapes death! I just lost it!
    What a way to trust your husband!

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